Hrvatska je jedna od najpoželjnijih turističkih destinacija na svijetu. Hrvatski turizam nisu samo sunce, more i plaže. Hrvatski turizam su i ljudi, usluge, aktivnosti i zabava. U našem turističkom web imeniku možete pronaći sve turističke informacije o Hrvatskoj: putovanja, događanja, znamenitosti, razonoda, sport, gastronomija i druge važne informacije za ugodno i zabavno provođenje odmora u Hrvatskoj.



Pregledajte naš web imenik i pronađite informacije o raznim turističkim djelatnostima i uslugama. Saznajte više o turističkim agencijama, turističkim zajednicama, posjetite turističke vodiče za Hrvatsku, županije, regije, otoke, mjesta i gradove. Saznajte više informacija o sportskim aktivnostima, organiziranom cestovnom, zračnom i morskom prijevozu u i izvan Hrvatske, mjestima za zabavu, gastronomskim užicima i sl.



Želite prijaviti vaše web stranice sa sadržajem vezanim uz turističku djelatnost? Informacije o prijavljivanju stranica pogledajte pod stavkom Pitanja u našem izborniku.

Ako ste vlasnik privatnog smještaja (soba, apartmana, villa i kuća za odmor), svoj privatni smještaj prijavite na naše stranice pod kategorijom privatnog smještaja u Hrvatskoj, na .


Opatija is located in Western Croatia. Although it has a population of only just under 8,000 people, it`s conveniently located a few kilometers southwest of Rijeka, one of the largest cities in the country. Known as a resort city, it`s characterized by opulent architecture and examples of grandeur. For these reasons and many others, the city is a popular spot for foreigners who are in seek of rest and relaxation.

Accommodation Choices

Opatija offers a wide range of places to stay, so whether you`re a university student on a budget or can afford an upscale stay, you`ll have possibilities to explore. Apartments Kestenovi Dvori offers private holiday apartments that are pet-friendly and near the sea. The facility also has free Wi-Fi, which is convenient if you`re trying to stay in touch with people from back home. Also, the Hotel Mozart is a five-star option where you`ll find well-equipped rooms and beautifully decorated common areas. Try the Hotel Kvarner to stay in Opatija`s oldest facility for travelers, and take advantage of the indoor and outdoor pools while you`re there.

Things to Do

If you`re interested in checking out some great examples of horticulture, head to the Park of Sv. Jakov. It spreads across more than three-and-a-half hectares and is home to more than 150 species of plants. Since many are not native to the region, this attraction offers a great opportunity to see how it`s possible for plants originating from elsewhere to thrive in Opatija.

It`s also worthwhile to visit the park adjacent to the Imperial Hotel. There, you`ll find a lovely fountain built by Hans Rathautskog to represent the sun and the moon. In mythology, those planets are often portrayed as brother and sister. The fountain features a towering tier-like design that makes it easy to spot from a distance.

Opatija`s close proximity to the water makes it easy to book marine excursions in vessels ranging from luxury yachts to catamarans and sailboats. Don`t leave the area without treating yourself to one of these outings and getting a unique perspective of the ocean setting.

Eating Out

Opatija has restaurants to suit many preferences. To dine at a seaside terrace, book a table at Bevanda. It has an entrance at the Opatija Harbor. Enjoy succulent fresh seafood and top off a meal with a glass of fine wine. Alternatively, have a more casual experience by eating at Ru?marin, a family restaurant that was established in 1986. The personable staff members will help you feel right at home as you eat menu selections such as pizza, pastas and grilled meat. Hear live music during your meal by dining at Kamelija. In addition to fare like meats and seafood, you can also order vegetarian dishes and light lunches. In the evenings, listen to the distinctive sounds of piano and wind instruments in an area that`s softly aglow with candlelight.


Appreciate the bohemian attitude at Tantra, a laid-back and entertaining spot that`s near the Gulf of Kvarner. It even includes a man-made beach. If you`re ready to get a finely mixed cocktail, go to a bar called Hemingway and order a nightcap while gazing at the Rijeka skyline in the distance. This location has a contemporary atmosphere that`s good for mature crowds. On the other end of the spectrum, prepare to dance the night away at Disco Seven. It`s an oceanfront venue that showcases emerging Croatian deejays and presents a place to hear the latest popular dance tunes.

Opatija boasts an agreeable climate all year around, so no matter when you choose to go, the experience is sure to be fun and rewarding. Whether you`re there to spend time exploring a new place with a close friend or for reasons related to buying or selling a timeshare, the suggestions above should help you have a great trip.



Ako imate u planu da posjete Crikvenicu, definitivno ćemo vam preporučiti da to bude u narednom mjesecu. Razloga zbog kojih treba da posjetite Crikvenicu u srpnju, postoji mnogo. Nadamo se da ćete više razloga uspijeti pronaći u ovom tekstu. Crikvenica nije veliki grad, ali je prepuna dešavanja za vrijeme sezone, kao što je npr. srpanj:

Izložba starih razglednica, Muzej Grada Crikvenice - (1. srpnja - ponedjeljak)

Primorska noć - (4. i 18. sranja - četvrtak)

Ribarska fešta - (5.; 12. i 19. srpnja - petak)

"Pjesmom i plesom kroz Crikvenicu" - nastup KUD-a "Vatroslav Lisinski" - (8.; 15.; 22. i 29. srpnja - ponedjeljak)

Primorska noć - (11. srpnja - četvrtak)

Dani Ad turresa - (20. i 21. srpnja - subota i nedjelja)

35. Stolnoteniski turnir "Plaža Crikvenica" - (21. srpnja - nedjelja)

Ribarenje s turistima - (24. srpnja - srijeda)

Koncert KUD-a "Neven" - (28. srpnja - nedjelja)

Adriatic tour - (28. srpnja nedjelja)

Ako ste pronašli nešto što bi vam bilo interesantno, definitivno vam preporučujemo da rezervirate vaš smještaj na vrijeme, srpanj samo što nije, a s njim počinje i sezona. Apartmane u Crikvenici možete pronaći na ovom sajtu i na vrijeme osigurati sebi smještaj. Vaše ljetovanje ispunite raznim dešavanjima, a Crikvenica, kao jedna jako privlačna destinacija za određenu skupinu turista, ima zasigurno što da ponudi. 

Ako vam nije dovoljna ponuda dešavanja koju smo nabrojali vezano za mjesec Srpanj u Crikvenici, uvijek se još po nešto može pronaći. A ako nema u Crikvenici tu je Selce, Dramalj, Jadranovo kao i Rijeka, Novi i slično.

Od svih nabrojanih događanja u Crikvenici, preporuka je da nikako ne propustite kulturno zabavnu manifestaciju " Dani Ad turresa  " koja se održava od 2007. godine. 



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